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Website & Mobile Apps Development

Website Design & Development
Paired with creative thinking and competence, our experienced developers help you in developing a website. A website is digital presence of your business. It speaks about your organization.

Hashtag Systems is a website development company based in Florida, USA. With our constant endeavor to ensure that we offer finest features and services to our clients, we utilize high end tools and technologies. With its own development center in New Delhi, India, Hashtag Systems has a ability to deliver projects timely in a cost effective manner.

Whether its a Website from scratch, Website redesign (outdated website that needs an update), E-commerce website or regular maintenance, our team of experienced developers can handle all.

Our team helps giving access to your business to reach millions of people across globe. We deliver dynamic & responsive websites with a customized service to our clients with 100% satisfaction.

We use world class servers & infrastructure for hosting our websites. Contact us for more info.. Read more

Mobile Apps Development
With our range of mobile application development Hashtag Systems pride themselves in being a trusted mobile app developer in USA.

According to a independent study, the United States is one of the biggest markets for the smartphone industry worldwide. The number of smart phone users is estimated to be more than 230 million in 2018 and the e-commerce. At present around 54% of purchases are made online which is growing year by year.The desire for instant purchases, round-the-clock accessibility and fast turnaround will be the norm by 2026. Nowadays Mobile app development is necessary for all the businesses.

From concept to development and development to deployment, Hashtag Systems provide customized mobile app development services tailored as per your requirements. We make native & Hybrid mobile apps for IOS & android platforms no matter how diverse or complex your needs are…. Read More

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the rankings of your website in search engines such as Google, Yahoo & Bing.

Our team works on latest and cutting edge technologies to deliver best result. We have customized plans and packages for all your services.

We understand no business or their clients are same,with a individual approach, we analyze your requirement, do a competitors analysis and then offer a tailor-made, cost-effective solutions as per you need…. Read More

Social Media & Digital Marketing
Social Media & Digital marketing is a way to divert more traffic to your website. Our Digital Marketing team assist you to develop a strategy that helps in creating a easy to find, engaging & inspiring experiences, letting people join your social network community, referring your brand to peers and social networks. Hence increasing brand promotion & awareness.
Whether its a Facebook promotion, Instagram Promotion, PPC campaigns, Google Ads our team can handle all….Read More

Cloud Services

Cloud and Data Center Operations
IT infrastructure is important to business. While that sounds self-evident, the implications of that obvious fact has deep and wide ranging consequences for today’s companies. Operational activities directly impact the way a company works. In IT those activities must be readily available, while maintaining optimal capacity. They must also be cost effective without sacrificing effectiveness for savings.

Hashtag Systems helps customers transform their IT infrastructure into a valuable asset. The company supports growth and maneuverability in an agile world. Hashtag Systems revolutionizes IT operations into becoming a provider of services and resources both on-site and in the cloud. The company helps businesses prioritize needs and reign in costs. Hashtag System’s customers are provided a new way of doing business that responds to the demands for excellence in a data driven world.

Our Area Of Expertise :

  • Data Center Migrations – Migrations, Strategy, Cost Optimization
  • IT Operational Efficiency
  • Networking – Application Networking, Network Design , Network Security
  • Service Management – Infrastructure, Operations, Data Management
Day-to-day operations are quite possibly the most important facet of any business. How things are done from the start of the day to the end determine whether or not the time is spent profitably. In IT industry so much of that day-to-day work is repetitive, and on the face of it, mundane. Despite its pedestrian nature, these ongoing tasks must be done ceaselessly and preferably without error. Automation is the natural solution to that problem. Rather than tie the human mind to the treadmill, however, Hashtag Systems frees and eliminates the errors and inefficiency.

Hashtag Systems uses Chef, the streamlining tool that configures and maintains company servers. The talented engineers of Hashtag Systems automate complex data center layouts at both the hardware and software levels. They create an infrastructure of code that can be run on a variety of servers, regardless of their operating system.

Hashtag Systems automates a multitude of functions :

  • Setting Hardware
  • Setting Software
  • High availability and Disaster recovery
IT Systems management and DevOPs
At Hashtag Systems you get seasoned professionals who’ve studied the broad architecture of the IBM WebSphere since its inception. These industry veterans maintain close ties with the IBM research and development labs. More importantly, they have a rich and varied history of working with the software where it counts: in the pressure-cooker of the real world. .
Hashtag Systems connects you with a worldwide network of service specialists. They bring deep technical skills, best practices expertise and on-the-job experience that unleashes the power of the IBM WebSphere. Hashtag Systems makes it easy for its clients and partners to design, build and test solutions. The company provides a range of services that enable the client to tailor the architecture to the demands of their business.

Service Offerings :

  • Install and deploy
  • Access and Availability
  • Design and Architecture
  • Develop and Deploy
  • Maintain
  • Automation

Project Management & Business Analysis

Data Monetization Strategy
Our Experts support clients in assessing the value of their data and in designing and supporting data management architecture and framework.

We provide expertise needed to work with any organization and can create a data monetization strategy; implementation plan. The increase in volume of data has overwhelmed just about every industry in the past decade. As the organizations are becoming aware of the opportunities embedded in their enterprise data, there are plenty of opportunities to actively monetize it successfully. As per our experts Data monetization requires companies to not only understand the quality of their data, but also to build an organization wide data management strategy

Data Integration & Modelling
Data integration involves combining data from different sources and providing users with a unified view of the data. Data integration increases as volume and data sharing increases. The industry spends a lot of time and money on research to solve ongoing data integration issues. Our Approach to data integration comprises the practices, tools and techniques for achieving the consistent access and delivery of data across the spectrum of systems, data subject areas and data structure types across various levels and departments. We help organization to meet the data consumption requirements of all applications and business processes.
Our team of experts comes with knowledge of various leading data integration tools and industries. We can review the existing or design new :
Data Discovery methodologies – Analyzing data values and data patterns to identify the relationships that link disparate data elements into logical units of information
Data Governance/Stewardship models – Record the business use for defined data. Identify opportunities to share and re-use data. Identify procedures for disaster recovery and data archiving to ensure effective protection and integrity of data assets.
Data warehouse architecture –Building and implementing data warehouse architecture using Kimball or Inmon methodologies and ETL logic from a wide variety of data sources.
Metadata Management -Supporting Project and program management, Metadata and data governance, Metadata and data quality, Metadata and reference data for master data management and Master data management.
Production Support – We assist production support team as EDW SME during troubleshooting issues. Ensure the stability, integrity and efficiency of data access and data quality across the organization via ongoing database support and maintenance.
Analytics & Reporting
Our Team utilizes innovative analytics combined with market leading reporting tools to generate insights and analysis for your business. We help in creating useful information from variously sourced databases. We create and deploy both custom and pre-packaged reporting and analytic tools. This customized system helps clients understand markets, customers and competitors, as well as their own brand and operations.

Our experts work closely with other team members and the global sales leaders to further develop the existing analytics, create new insightful dashboards and other key performance metrics to drive improved business performance. We analyze diverse data sets to provide assessments of trends, to explain variances from goals, and to identify indicators of possible performance issues or challenges to stakeholders.

Enterprise Data warehouse Architecture
The Enterprise Data Warehouse is the main repository for data used in internal applications and external communication to regulatory agencies .By definition the use and function of this data extends beyond single departments or user groups across all levels of organization. A good Enterprise Data Warehouse road map considers the strategic objectives of the repository and integrates those needs in such a way that solves quality and analytic issues for the users.

Hashtag Systems helps with your Enterprise data warehouse strategies, whether you are new to data warehousing and business intelligence or already have a robust architecture in place. We help you with early planning and work with management to identify priorities, scope and company goals. We assist in gap analysis between current state and target state based on stakeholders and business goals and objectives.
Hashtag Systems evaluates your current environment, assesses methodology and strategy, and formulates a business-driven plan for investments in your DW/BI environment.

Project Management
Hashtag Systems provides tailored project management service that assists our clients in establishing their future goals. Our team of experts works with your organization in defining project management office needs, structure and managing project delivery. They will assist you at each stage of project management life cycle taking into account enterprise environmental factors and organizational process assets.

Our experts support every aspect of the project life cycle spanning across initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and closing subject areas of project management as defined by PMI (Project management Institute). Our project management service includes the scope definition and clarity, schedule, budget and resource planning, stakeholder management and successful delivery of projects. Hashtag Systems helps you facilitate necessary project management changes across your organization. With the company’s top-rated consulting experts, you tap into an extensive knowledge-base that keeps your projects on course and streamlines the management of your business. Hashtag Systems consultants provide professional services and lead project teams on small- to medium-sized projects by acting as project expeditors and coordinators.

Business Analysis
Business analysis is all about knitting people, processes, and business goals together. Business Analysis domain may have been assumed more art than science in the past. However over the past few years it has evolved into a science as defined ways of measuring both an organization and individual Business Analysts competency levels has evolved. Our team of expert Business analysts work across all levels of an organization and are involved in everything from defining approach, strategy, analyzing and creating the requirements of enterprise-level architecture. Experts use industry leading frameworks, taking a leadership role in defining the goals and requirements for programs and projects or supporting continuous improvement in its technology and processes.

HashTag Systems project manager is the one tasked with ensuring that a project is completed on schedule and within budget meeting CPI (Cost performance index) and SPI (Schedule performance index) requirements. The Business analyst job is more to meet the highest priority requirements of the stakeholders. Business analysts want to make sure that they define the requirements in a way that meets the business needs and define the right application. Our experts will help in documenting the right requirements by applying correct stakeholder management methodologies and by delivering a complete set of clear requirements to the technical teams to design the product. We will help in achieving the efficiency by reducing rework and by improving processes at all levels of organization.